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About Us

Bert Oliver started Converta-Boat in 1975 in he’s moms garage in Woodstock, On. Over the years Converta-Boat has grown not only with employees but with what we can do with your boat and is Now located in Courtland, On.

Converta-Boat Has had many homes over the years. In 1975 Woodstock, On, 1978 moved to an industrial section in Norwich, On, 1987 bought property in Otterville, On, 1990 Bert married Debbie and move with her two girls Sunny & Autumn to Va Beach, VA, 1992 moved to Portsmouth, VA, 1995 moved back into Canada to Jericho,On, Then in October 2007 Converta-Boat burned to the ground forcing us to our temporary location in Tillsonburg While we looked for our new home in Courtland, On April 15 2008.

Converta-Boat since 1975 is open year round and is a scent free place. Please do not wear scented products to our place of business. Your cooperation is appreciated. 


The brief history of Converta-Boat.
Started Feb 3, 1975 in his mother Ariel’s garage, Bert Oliver has experienced many changes and growth in this business.
1975-78-Woodstock, On. – 3 locations as the company evolved with a team of 3
1979-86- Norwich, On -2 locations more growth with a team of 8
1987-91- Otterville, On. New shop with a team of 10
1990-92- Married Debbie Miller and opened Converta-Boat U.S.A. Inc in Virginia Beach
1992-95- Portsmouth, Va
1995- Closed Virginia operation and re-established in Langton, On at Jericho
1995- Daughter Sunny Miller joins the company
1997- Daughter Autumn Miller joins the company
2007- Oct 3 Total loss due to fire
2007-08- Temporary location in Tillsonburg, On
2008- April 15 New permanent home at 94 Jackson Side Road RR #2 Courtland
2008- ????? Moving forward !!!!!

2015  – 40th Anniversary of Converta-Boat

2020 – 45th Anniversary of Converta-Boat