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Bimini Tops

The main purpose of a bimini top is to provide protection from the sun. In covering the cockpit or bridge area with a “roof”, the occupants are then also somewhat shielded from rain.

In producing a bimini for your boat, we take into account many factors including:
– clearance height and coverage required
– type of tubing – aluminum or stainless
– type of hardware
– storage when not in use
– possibility or future enclosing curtains
– antenna and radar locations
– incorporation into radar arch if applicable
– aesthetics
– proper water run-off
– stabilizing bars or straps
All of these items plus any other considerations due to the uniqueness of each board and its owners needs, allow us to produce a superior quality and fit.

Convertible Tops

Our convertible tops are designed to accommodate the comfort of the occupants in the cockpit. We take great pride in producing tops which allow inside seating ease and mobility, therefore each top is custom designed to the boat is its to cover. Our list of the customer’s specific needs permits us to make the roof, the height and coverage necessary.

The choice of materials, thread, binding, tubing, window materials and zippers are all considerations that are used to product the best possible end result.

Camper Tops

A camper top is a practical solution to getting the full use out of a boat. It allows total use of the cockpit with full headroom throughout. Screens, doorways and privacy curtains all contribute to making this extra room as comfortable and usable as possible.

Great care is taken in designing these tops to ensure that entering and exiting the cockpit is as easy as possible; that storage of the top is convenient for operating the boat without the top and also that doors and screens work easily from inside the boat. We can incorporate radar arches into the design if applicable.

Tonneau Cover

(Cockpit Cover)
The Tonneau Cover is primarily designed to shed water, shield the interior from harmful ultra-violet rays and secure the owner’s personal property.

In general, these covers follow the existing fastener line from the convertible top or, lacking that, the fasteners will be installed close to the upper edge of the deck. The cover can either cover the windshield glass area or just follow around the upper edge. It will be supported by an adjustable aluminum pole or a hardwood bow – whichever is most appropriate – to ensure that water does not puddle in.

This type of enclosure is especially suited for the boater who either enjoys the elements while boating, is a fair-weather boater or requires a secure cover while the boat is in the water or being trailered.

The ease of installation and the benefits from the Tonneau Cover, which include extending the life of the interior, makes this, perhaps, the most cost effective cover we make.

Bridge Covers

Our Bridge Covers are individually fitted to your flybridge. Allowances are made for bimini frames, ladders, railings, windshields and arches. Adjustable poles support the cover to shed water and keep the cover taut.

Full Mooring Covers

In addition to tonneau covers, we also manufacture custom-fit mooring covers. These cover the entire deck and cockpit area of the craft and approximately 10” over the gunwales. The cover is secured to the boat with a drawstring around the perimeter of the cover and straps or grommets are included to permit tie-downs for trailering. The windshield area is reinforced and padded and any stress areas such as handrail fittings or sharp corners are also protected. We build in openings with flaps to access cleats for in water use and all covers are supported by either hardwood bows or adjustable aluminum poles to shed water. These covers totally protect your boat from sun and acid rain and mean much less maintenance as the boat is kept much cleaner and drier.


Converta-Boat also has the facility and capability to do complete interiors including carpet, headlining, wall covering, cushions, curtains and interior design change. We can rework, replace or fabricate from start to finish dinettes, sleeping areas, new bulkheads and storage areas.

We carry a large variety or samples and will custom design an interior from your ideas, photos, or magazine articles. Both cockpits and cabins can be totally revamped to update and make your boat a little more personal.


We produce a variety of seats for boats including sleeper seats, buckets, rear bench seats, cockpit cushions, sun pads and more!
Our sleeper seats are constructed of either fir plywood or polypropylene structures using quality latex foam, marine vinyls and fabrics and stainless steal bolts and screws.

Our bucket seats are polypropylene or fiberglass shells custom upholstered in your colour scheme.

Bench seats are custom fabricated to conform to your boat, for example: follow the deck configuration, fit to the floor contours, and accommodate storage as desired.

Cushions and sun pads are fitted to specified areas again with quality latex foam and marine vinyls and fabrics.